Weapon tradisional “keris Nagasasra” Indonesian Culture


Dragon sosro keris (kris Nagasasra)
Keris Naga Runting, Kris Sakti and Luxury and Full beauty. Keris Naga Runting have had a dragon-shaped blade with a handle shaped humans. That said, Keris Naga is one weapon Runting King Siliwangi, Keris Naga Runting made of gold nails were forged keys sepipih possible and inscribed with the carved head and tail of a snake winding forward dimoncongkan mouth. As a display of its own collection and other purposes. very beautiful and has a value of art itself. Keris Naga Runting, Kris King Siliwangi Heritage Way.
According to the owner, familiarly called by Mbah Salah (67 yrs), Keris Naga Runting its a gift from his great-grandfather, but he does not know where his grandfather get kris Dragon Runting it. Mbah Salah, Male Birth Pasuruan, East Java since childhood settled in Cirebon also said that he was entrusted by his grandfather to take care of the kris Dragon Runting, and according to his grandfather Runting kris Dragon is one of the weapons King Siliwangi.
“This kris giving my great grandfather is the father of my grandfather when I was 17 years old. My great grandfather named Abdul Karim. I myself do not understand why my great grandfather kris handed it to me and asked me to take care of him, why not to my grandfather or my father. Yes roughly a month before my great grandfather died. My great grandfather died at the age of about 145 years. Said my great-grandfather, a dagger Runting Dragon is one of the treasures of King Siliwangi weapons “, said Mbah Salah to infomistik when met at his residence in Cirebon, West Java, on Sunday 22/09/2013.
Asked about the efficacy or usefulness or efficacy of the kris Dragon Runting, Mbah Salah said that the Keris Naga Runting not an ordinary weapon, but the weapon heirloom that have good luck as the king’s magical weapons in general.
“Regarding the usefulness or efficacy, kris Dragon Runting is certainly very powerful because it is an heirloom weapon king. What is clear to the authority and supernatural mas “, clearly Mbah Salah.
“According to the stories of my great-grandfather, in the kingdom kejaan Galuh Padjadjaran, King Siliwangi or King Munding Wangi, he is very percaua will awesomeness golden spikes. He also unsparing to find the recluse or mpu magic and Linuwih, to create a weapon select the match that is invincible, made of gold nails. Among the weapons King Siliwangi unmatched Keris Naga Runting it is made of gold nails were forged keys sepipih possible and inscribed with the carved head and tail snake mouth dimoncongkan forward with luk 13 winding “. Mbah added Salah.
Golden spikes is a sacred object which has a wide variety of properties. Gold spikes created and shaped by a god named Brahmin teacher, as a symbol of man who has a noble nature, wise, and honest. Among the rampant kedahysyatan and magic golden spikes, the guardian has ever made. As a guidance will be a natural blessing of the Creator of the universe.
Meanwhile, in a separate place ki Djarwo, heritage expert living in Yogyakarta said that it might be true that the Keris Naga Runting is indeed one of King Siliwangi weapon.

sumber :http://infomistik.com/keris-naga-runting-keris-sakti-pusaka-prabu-siliwangi-385.html


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